Greetings, everyone. New site editor Mafu here! よろしくお願いします!
I have a few site updates to tell you about today. The discography page should be mostly up to date now. The profile page has been updated to reflect some recent changes within the band, and now includes a profile for the super cool bassist Yoshinori Arie. The romanized lyrics for the new single “Doko ni mo nai Sekai” have been added. There are now pages for the songs “Doko ni mo nai Sekai” and “I’m Still I“. Many more updates to come! Please look forward to them!

Please welcome Mafu as a new editor of instant music! Mafu has been a long-time member of the pillows fan community and will be providing quality updates and news! You can find his contact info on the sidebar. I am still around and you can feel free to contact either of us about the site.

Happy 25th anniversary to the pillows! The community members of instant music have put together a special video to celebrate. Huge thanks to ladybirdgirl for putting together the video!

Please check out a new fansite for noodles, Lesson 1! If you haven’t heard of noodles before, they are an awesome rock girl band on Sawao’s label.

Happy summer! ‘Happy Birthday’, the latest single from the pillows will drop 9/16/13, their 24th anniversary! There will be a regular version and a version with a bonus DVD as well.

Catching up on release news, Yoshiaki Manabe released a new solo album, Rutile this past November.

Sawao has a solo single that will be released in just a couple of weeks, Answer, available as both a standard edition and a limited edition with a bonus DVD. The single will be followed by an album, Hakaiteki INNOVATION (Destructive innovation) to be released 2/13/2013, also both as a standard edition and a limited edition with bonus DVD.

Check out previews below!

Happy 9/16! On this day in 1989, the pillows were formed. We’ll be fans… until the end of this world!

Lyrics from the ENERGIA (ENERUGIA) single have been posted! I also posted a translation for the title track. I am loving this song!

Also, a new album, Trial, and the US tour DVD, We are Friends will be out next month on the 18th! Get excited!

Check out a preview for the DVD below.

The pillows’ new single, ENERUGIA, will be out 12/7/2011! Check out the preview below. The regular edition and the special edition with DVD are available for preorder from CD Japan and your other favorite stores.

Just posted all the lyrics from Sawao’s previous solo album, Discharge.

Also check out a couple previews for the music videos for the songs ‘The Devil’s Pub’ and ‘Vacant House’ from his upcoming solo album, Tedious Man, which will be out next week.