The next set of limited vinyl records have been announced! RUNNERS HIGH and HAPPY BIVOUAC will be released on May 6th when the RETURN TO THIRD MOVEMENT! Vol.2 Tour starts! These limited records will only be available at the live venues and online from King e-Shop. If you want to get your hands on them, check out the forum for some good resources for getting them shipped overseas!
On April 1st, Toonami sneak aired the first episode of FLCL Alternative. This episode revealed new “Fool on cool” versions of “White Summer and Green Bicycle, Red Hair with Black Guitar” and “MY FOOT”, as well as a brand new song called “Star Overhead” as the ending theme. “FLCL Progressive” will premiere on Toonami on June 2nd, and “FLCL Alternative” will premiere in September. We’ll have to wait and see what the soundtrack has in store! (Likely 12 remade “Fool on cool” versions of past tracks and two new songs; “Spiky Seeds” and “Star Overhead”.)
With the release of the RUNNERS HIGH and HAPPY BIVOUAC records, we now have a discography page for 2018! Both records have been added in the discography and the 2017 page has been updated.