The most ever-important section! I’ve noted the song names that were originally in Japanese in romaji, followed by the accepted translation, or sometimes my translation. Albums and singles are listed for reference. Please note that all import DVD releases are Region 2 and can only be played on a computer or on a region-free DVD player. Catalog numbers are listed where available.

+ 1990 pantomime; 90′s my life
+ 1991 ame ni utaeba; moon gold
+ 1992 kanojo wa shisuta; white incarnation
+ 1993 special cd
+ 1994 kool spice; daydream wonder
+ 1995 living field; girlfriend
+ 1996 tiny boat; strange chameleon; swanky street; trip dancer
+ 1997 please mr. lostman; kanojo wa kyou; one life; hybrid rainbow
+ 1998 another morning; little busters; no self control; instant music
+ 1999 runners high; carnival; rush; happy bivouac
+ 2000 ride on shooting star; i think i can
+ 2001 fool on the planet; smile
+ 2002 shiroi natsu; thank you, my twilight; another morning, another pillows
+ 2003 terminal heaven’s rock; penalty life
+ 2004 90′s my life returns; turn back; synchronized rockers; GOOD DREAMS
+ 2005 nonfiction; the third eye
+ 2006 my foot; gazelle city
+ 2007 lostman go to america; wake up! wake up! wake up!
+ 2008 tokyo bambi; wake up! standup! and go!; electric rays; PIED PIPER
+ 2009 ame agari ni mita maboroshii, rock stock & too smoking the pillows, OOPARTS
+ 2010 rodeo star mate; LOSTMAN GO TO BUDOKAN

+ band scores
+ covers the short list of confirmed covers.
+ videos promotional videos.
+ domestic releases

Side Projects
+ Sawao Yamanaka
+ Yoshiaki Manabe as nine miles.
+ Shinichirou Satou Drums for O.P. KING.
+ Jun Suzuki