[j] = japanese language site.
[j/e] = japanese site, also offered in english.


+ official site [j/e]
+ facebook site
+ myspace profile
+ king records profile [j]
+ 2008 US tour site
+ 2006 US/mexico tour site
+ nine miles [j] manabe’s side project.
+ delicious label [j/e] sawao’s record label.
+ the predators [j] sawao’s side project.
+ the pees [j] shinichirou’s side project.
+ kenji ueda [j/e] website of the original bassist.
+ anime lyrics more pillows lyrics.
+ barks artist file [j] song samples, news, video samples and more.

articles / reviews / interviews

+ ex.org review of the flcl ost.
+ wikipedia entry
+ japanese wikipedia entry [j]
+ the war against silence a review of fool on the planet.
+ keikaku.net live review from march 2005.
+ anime news network interview from july 2006.

fan sites

+ Dead List Paradise [j] – Set lists from pillows concerts.

+ Tacky’s Room [j]


See the faq for more information on shopping internationally.

+ anime nation flcl soundtracks and domestic albums available here.
+ amazon stocks all the domestic albums, plus a few import albums for ridiculous prices.
+ amazon japan [j/e] excellent selection. they will ship internationally. has an english interface.
+ delicious label goods [j/e] get 90′s my life returns, any of the delicious compilations, and other selections here.
+ cd japan stocks a good selection of pillows cds and dvds. very reliable.
+ hmv japan [j/e] japanese branch of the popular music store. features an english interface.
+ otaku.com you can get most newer releases here. they also accept paypal.
+ yes asia get import cds and dvds here. cheap shipping options.

fyi: certain online shops (anime castle, for example) offer the flcl soundtracks for a great price… however, some of the cds they are selling may be manufactured by bootleg companies. if a store is selling an import album for less than $25 (singles go for around $10), and it isn’t a sale, it’s probably bootleg. :P when purchasing, verify that the publisher is king records, avex or pioneer/geneon (or other applicable company). if not, you may as well have just downloaded the mp3s. all the sites linked here sell only legitimate albums to my knowledge.

japanese music-related sites

+ keikaku.net japanese music site focusing on lesser-known bands.
+ J-Music Ignited News, reviews and more on Japanese music.
+ noodles [j/e] an awesome band on sawao’s label.
+ Lesson 1 a noodles fansite.